Fuel Oil Delivery

We offer two types of delivery services for fuel oil in Hartford and Tolland Counties:
  • Automatic delivery:
    We will track the level in your tank based on a degree day system and will fill your tank when it is a ¼ full. This typically is the most convenient for our busy customers and offers piece of mind, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Will call delivery:
    The customer decides when they would like their tank to be filled. We typically ask will call customers to call when the tank reads ¼ (from the top of the float). Please allow 3-5 days for delivery, as routes are mapped out ahead of time.
For customer flexibility and convenience, we offer a variety of payment plans that include:
  1. Auto-payment plan- the customer’s card is automatically charged the day of delivery and ensure the lowest COD price the day of delivery.
  2. C.O.D- the customer would pay the driver, call with a credit card payment, or notify the office of a check mailed to receive a .30$ discount per gallon. Payment must be received within 24 hours for COD pricing.
  3. 7 day- the customer would pay the office within 7 days of delivery and receive a .20$ discount per gallon
  4. 30 Day- the customer would receive no discount per gallon.
  5. Budget plans are available upon request.
    Please call the office at 860-528-0766 for further information.

*Military and senior volume discounts available upon request*