Please call the office at 860-528-0766 when your tank is at ¼ full. We are happy to accommodate will call deliveries into our daily routes, but please allow 3-5 days for a delivery.

Here at Andrews Oil & Gas Services, we use a sophisticated degree day system to accurately monitor your oil consumption.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

The minimum delivery is 150 gallons. However, we will make a 100 gallon delivery at a higher price per gallon.

The fuel market is always changing so it is not possible to predict if the price will increase or decrease. Therefore, prices are set when you place your order, not when the fuel is delivered.

In the unlikely event that Andrews Oil & Gas Services is unable to delivery before you run out of oil, you can use diesel fuel from a local gas station in the interim. We recommend putting in 10 gallons in low temperatures for more than a 24 hour period. We ask that our customers call when their tanks are ¼ full to ensure they do not run out of oil.

We do not anticipate our automatic customers to run out of oil. However, in the event they do, we provide a 24 hour emergency delivery service. For our will call customers, for a fee, a technician will come out and drop 10 gallons of oil and start the system until a driver can make the delivery.

For the safety of our drivers, please be sure there is a clear path to the fill pipe. There should be no debris blocking access. During winter months, clearing a snow path is greatly appreciated.